We would like to share some articles that we find fascinating. As you can imagine, they tend to relate to copyright, art, and contemporary culture.

Martha Rans at Toronto Copyright Townhall, 2009:

TimeArts: The Boy Who Lived Forever

Copyright Criminals documentary trailer, or click for the full documentary. Official website: Copyright Criminals examines the creative and commercial value of musical sampling, including the related debates over artistic expression, copyright law, and (of course) money.

The Future of Music Coalition – a national (US) non-profit organization that works to ensure a diverse musical culture where artists flourish, are compensated fairly for their work, and where fans can find the music they want.

 An Unidentified Production

From Blown Speakers: A Blog About Music

Geist blog

The Guardian UK Theatre Blog

Performance, Place, and Politics: a blog about the local/global interfaces of audience and event.

Performing Vancouver: a blog archive for ENGL 468W at SFU

Plank Magazine: Spanking the Ass of Culture

RealTime Arts: Australia’s critical guide to international contemporary arts

The Next Stage

The Tyee

Theatre For People Who Hate Theatre

VancouverPlays: Vancouver’s arts & culture website providing reviews, previews, news & more


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