art is a complaint

On September 8th in the Atrium at SFU Woodwards’s and W2, the plastic orchid factory will perform the piece “art is either a complaint or do something” set to text by John Cage. This one time performance will be remixed live by Josh Hite and then re-viewed in the same space with the dancers and choreographers present. In the piece, we hear John Cage reading a poem based on an interview Cage had with the painter Jasper Johns.       “art is either…” brings a physical dimension to Cage’s original text. To accentuate this layered materiality, the work includes text panels that discuss the legal issues involved with John Cage’s work, his use of silence, and the questions of improvisation.  The video remix and related material will be installed at the Waldorf Hotel for the duration of NFF.

the plastic orchid factory is an award winning , Vancouver based, contemporary ballet company directed by James Gnam. Since its inception in 2006, the company’s primary focus has been to investigate how classical bodies can relate to contemporary ideas in performative settings.

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