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- posted by Martha – Aug 22, 2011, 5:32pm

The following comes from Corynne McSherry at the EFF:

“While this strikes us as a generally a positive development, we continue to worry about the mechanism. The deal depends on Google’s Content ID system, which facilitates monetization but also makes it too easy for big media to run roughshod over users’ legal rights to make fair use of copyrighted works. We understand that Content ID has gotten more attractive to publishers as the technology has been improved to better identify compositions in addition to sound recordings (think of a cover of a Lady Gaga song as opposed to Lady Gaga singing that song). Note to Google: now that you’ve adapted the technology to better match the desires of content owners, it’s time to put your engineers and lawyers to work on another improvement: fixing Content ID (and the policies that go with it) so that monetization doesn’t come at the cost of trampling on fair uses.

I could not agree more; the purpose of the event that we have put together is to hopefully find some common ground that ensures that we are able on the one hand to ensure that artists are not shut out of the equation.  On the other hand, artists (and users) have the access they need to continue to contribute to the cultural commons.  It would be a much brighter picture if the Googles around the world (and their friends) would support all of us in our work to effect change in the digital world.  Met today with an artist whose whose interest is not in the statement that his appropriation might make but rather the poetic quality of the images he chooses and the impact of their reproduction into new media.  He reminded me again that what artists want is rarely addressed in the legal arena.  They are much happier out of it.  Let’s all try and keep it that way.

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